Advanced Hands on
Practical Training

Advanced Hands on Practical Training

Industrial Automation Training

Technocrat offers world class industrial automation training

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Hands on Pratical Training in All Major Brands of PLC, SCADA, DCS, DRIVES, MMI, PAC, GSM PLC


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Students Testimonial

  • Technocrat is the best place to get your PLC training in the best possible way
    As an electronics engineer with strong interest in automation. I was looking for industrial automation training. I came to know about...

    Mohamed Ismail Mahboub Elkhairi

  • Your PLC training in Chennai with Technocrat is going to be simply awesome
    I believe on continues development, because of that I'm always searching for places to gain more knowledge and expertise from...

    Mohammad Jamaladdien

  • ur training program is called the best PLC training in Chennai
    I joined Technocrat in February 2012 Australia I was impressed by their state of the art lab facilities. They have various kinds of PLCs...

    Mo Joe

  • our students consider us as the best PLC training in Chennai
    I came to know Technocrat by web. I wanted to join a training institution in the automation and industrial processes control field that...


  • There are plenty of institutions offering automation courses in Chennai
    First is on the training while teaching faculty is well knowledgeable with their specific fields. I must mention that I have liked the...


  • our automation training in Chennai will provide them a glimpse at the industry
    Technocrat Automation is surely my best choice. They have the state-of-arts advanced technical laboratory facilities and unlimited...

    Nartey Daniel

  • you can get free accommodation while you go through your automation training in Chennai
    I have arrived my station and started work. Sorry for the delay in mailing you. I was really busy hence. However, I wish to thank you all...


  • all candidates who undergo our automation courses in Chennai
    Technocrat Automation programs are ISO Certified, I took advance program in Industrial & Process Automation. It was a time well spent...


  • You can enroll yourselves for a PLC course
    I came to know Technocrat Automation through Google search finding the next step in my career. I did join Technocrat Automation ...

    Oladapo Nkinbola

  • Going through our PLC course in Chennai will help you learn the latest technology
    I got to know about Technocrat Automation a friend who had undergone Technocrat Automation training in the past as an individual...

    Olajubutunde Timoth


DCS Plant Operation & Malfunction handling of Process Models
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Training Highlights

PLC Training with the Leaders

Thinking of getting some training after your engineering degree? Automation is the best to start with and Technocrat is the best place to get your PLC training in the best possible way. You get the right kind of knowledge on all the latest equipment used in leading companies. Technocrat is very famous for its PLC training because of its team of expert faculty who train the candidates. They are very experienced in PLC training and can help you regardless of the nature and needs of your work background. Moreover, the training modules used in PLC are concrete and include all the elements that will equip you to successfully and easily perform your tasks at work.

Your training in PLC could be more exciting due to the other advantages you get like the unlimited practical sessions allowed for all students. Yes! Technocrat always allows for any number of extra practical classes when you're going through PLC training to help you learn your course thoroughly. This makes them one of the best providers of training in PLC. Plus, you also get customized training if you want to follow different elements in the training. Technocrat can always customize their training in PLC according to your needs. Let us know today if your employees need training in PLC.

Another advantage of getting your training in PLC is that you get placement assistance after you complete the course successfully. We have a team of experts who helps you get a job in leading companies. If you search for a job in the field of automation, taking our training in PLC would be an added advantage to you. Our tie ups with more than 500 companies across India would help you get placed easily. Call us today to learn more about the PLC training courses, we offer in Technocrat Automation PLC.

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